Rui Wu
Machine Learning Engineer
Alipay, Ant Group
Hangzhou, China

Email : RhysWu [at] outlook [dot] com

About Me

I am currently working in Ant Group as a machine learning engineer. Previously, I obtained my master degree from SEU in 2022.


  • 03/2024: Two papers were accepted by DASFAA 2024(Industry Track).
  • 01/2023: One paper was accepted by DASFAA 2023(Industry Track).
  • 07/2022: Graduated from Southeast University and joined Ant Group(Alipay).
  • 01/2022: One paper was accepted by WWW 2022.
  • 06/2021-10/2021: Worked as a research intern at Tencent.


Customer Complaint Guided Fault Localization Based on Domain Knowledge Graph
S. Sun, Z. Chai, R. Wu, J. Jin, Y. Wang, W. Xu, and G. Qi
International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications(DASFAA), 2022.
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Conditional Generation Net for Medication Recommendation
R. Wu, Z. Qiu, J. Jiang, G. Qi, and X. Wu
The Web Conference(WWW), 2022.
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A Two-Phase Approach for Predicting Highway Passenger Volume
Y. Xiang, J. Chen, W. Yu, R. Wu, B. Liu, B. Wang, and Z. Li
Applied Sciences, 2021.
LSTM Multi-modal UNet for Brain Tumor Segmentation
F. Xu, H. Ma, J. Sun, R. Wu, X. Liu, and Y. Kong
IEEE Conference on Image, Vision and Computing(ICIVC), 2019.
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  • Alipay NLP contest: multi-label classification task, Rank: 5/201 (Top 3%)


  • Excellent graduate, Southeast University, 2022
  • Huawei Scholarship, 2022
  • Excellent graduate, Southeast University, 2019
  • Principal Scholarship, 2018
  • Min Yu Scholarship, 2017
  • Published with GitHub Pages